Sometimes, living abroad away from family, friends, and all that is familiar can be a little bit lonely. This short piece was something I wrote one lonely night while sipping iced Jasmine tea at McDonald’s. The accompanying photos were taken by myself and my friend using my Nokia Lumia during the past few months.


At the core of us all, there is an existential loneliness that grips us when we least expect it.

cars at night

Suddenly, we become hyper aware of how alone we are in this world. Families, friends, lovers – none are able to reach that place inside that separate us from them.

light bulb with barbed wires

The walls are unscalable and there are no doors. We, at the deepest part of ourselves, are alone, as it was meant to be.


Sometimes, this solitude brings us joy. These are the times when we are most at ease, free to be whoever we want to be.


Other times, this solitude is painful. Not the crippling kind of pain, but a perpetual dull ache that makes a mockery of our every attempt to find happiness.

bare tree

Everyday, we learn to come to terms with our loneliness. We drown ourselves with work or other worthy pursuits.

bare tree 3

We turn to hedonism for a temporary escape. We throw ourselves into the idea of love as the cure.

bare tree 2

Yet at the end of the day, when all has been said and done, and we lie in bed shrouded in darkness, loneliness is what embraces us.

sea of people

It cradles us to sleep whispering, “I am here. Always and forever.”

You might have noticed that I have a fascination for bare trees. My friend said it was depressing, because these usually symbolize death and desolation. I do not see it that way, though. The way I see it, it’s a happy thought when stripped to your very essence, your vulnerabilities exposed for the world to see, one finds beauty. These trees are metaphors of ourselves stripped of all our pretensions. Often, we are scared of our nakedness because we fear rejection and criticism. Yet, we, in all our naked beauty, are beautiful. Just like these bare trees.

Apologies for the somber mood of this post. Hopefully, more positive thoughts are to come. :)



Capturing the Very First Wedding Dance

The intense drama about the very first wedding dance is totally justified. Ask a Fairmont Hotel wedding photographer how many times he captured the special dance and he will say that every wedding had a moment of a kind. This is why the brides and their mothers make so much fuss about it. They hire choreographers and prepare for that very first song, just to make it all look perfect in front of the guests and on the camera.

Looking at a photograph that portrays the waltz of a bride and a groom can make you hear the music that was played there and feel the emotion that dominated the romantic atmosphere. Black and white or colored photographs of couples moving gracefully are my favorites. You get to see the new wife and husband sharing the music, the love and the move. Holding hands and dancing is always romantic and when it is happening at a wedding, it is just ten times more intensive. Even if the moves are not perfect and even if you can see how the groom counts the steps, it all looks great. They put so much effort in it, knowing that it may look ridiculous. This clumsy vibe makes it all, even cuter and more romantic.

karla_peter_wedding_santa_cruz-34 (1)

Love is the feeling that deserves the most a celebration, like a wedding. This is why every step, look and smile has to be captured by the cameras. The dance is like the very first thing you do together, as a union and not as individuals. The magic evolves in the room when the music is playing, you are holding hands, looking in each other’s eyes and trying to catch the rhythm. And it all can be seen in the pictures and in the video tape from the wedding.

Nowadays couples try to surprise the guests and do something different. They change the clothes, the songs and moves. You can see a wedding dance that starts with “You are not alone” by Michael Jackson and ends up with funky moves in the rhythm of “U Can’t Touch This”.

When it comes to the first wedding dance, of course, video taping is required. But you cannot frame a video and put it next to your bed, that’s what you can do with a picture. The picture of your first dance is the symbol of your love union.<p></p>


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