The Most Expensive Plastic Surgeries You Can Undergo

In times when nothing seems perfect, we seek every day to find perfection both in ourselves and in the people around us. The plastic surgeries that were once available only to the rich and famous are available to more people around the world now.

Not all people who decide to undergo these procedures do so for the perfect appearance. Some of them do it to repair damage from accidents or illness. If you are considering plastic surgery or are just curious about the costs, you cannot miss this post.

Toplasty (ear surgery): from 3,500 $

The strange shape of someone’s ears may have caught your eye. Most of the otoplasty patients had problems with protruding or overly large ears, something that makes them feel uncomfortable.

People with this problem are willing to pay more than 3,000 $ to have perfect ears. Depending on the situation, the outer ears will be reshaped and/or repositioned through this expensive plastic surgery procedure. However, if the problem is only within the earlobes, the price can be much lower. To solve this problem, some beauty clinics will only charge around 500 $ per ear.

Brachioplasty: from 3,800 $

If angels have graceful wings, human beings have arms that go limp. While belly fat can be covered using a corset under clothing, with this type of fat, it is not so easy.

Even if your weight is classified as normal, you may not be able to avoid this problem. Training can solve this problem. But unfortunately, for some people, that doesn’t happen, and Brachioplasty comes to the rescue. If you have excess fat and skin on your upper arm, this procedure will begin with liposuction before the skin incisions. After about three hours, you will get proportional arms.

Mastopexy (Breast lift): from 4,000 $

While breast augmentation is all about enlarging and enhancing, breast lift elevates them. Let’s face it, women with large natural breasts cannot defy the law of gravity.

The Mastopexy helps fight gravity and keeps pointing in the right direction (if you know what I mean). In most breast lift surgery, incisions are made around the areola to move it upward to return the breast to its natural location.

Abdominoplasty: from 5,000 $

Most people with excess fat anywhere on their body are more likely to have excess fat around their tummy as well. This is where it all begins.

A tummy tuck is a good resource if other surgical procedures cannot be performed to remove excess skin and fat around the belly. Usually, this happens to people who have just gone through massive weight loss in a short period of time. It is one of the most demanded plastic surgeries in the world.

Breast Reduction: from 6,000 $

It may be surprising to some to learn that women can also be dissatisfied with their large breasts. Believe it or not, they can sometimes be too big and heavy. Another popular reason for someone to undergo breast reduction surgery is sex reassignment. This procedure is the first option since it is cheaper and more effective in terms of change of appearance.

There are several different types of breast reduction surgery. The two most common are reduction in size or removal of the gland entirely. If you choose to reduce the size of your breasts only, the procedure will apply liposuctions and excisions. On the other hand, removing the gland requires more steps.…