OOTD: Worlds Collide

Sometimes, we try to nourish possibilities in our heads based not on actuality but on our desires. These struggle to take root in arid grounds of make-believe yet eventually, it will find nothing to sustain it.

blue girl 6

You were a fantasy I carried close to my heart. I held you close enough so my heart fluttered in its attempt to bridge the distance, but not too close you’d occupy a permanent place.

blue girl 3

Little did I know that things would gain momentum until no amount of deflection can keep our worlds from colliding.

I should have known that when two worlds collide, one cannot soften the impact of the collision with logical strategies. When worlds collide, it shakes you to the core and exposes the very things you’d like to keep safe:

blue girl 4

Your heart.

The essence of your being.

The sanity of your soul.

blue girl 5

In the aftermath, only the firmest of resolve can help you sort through the wreck and recover what’s yours. It may take days, weeks, years, but persevere until your world is whole again.

Ethnic bag

Today, I woke up with a single thought in mind – to let go.

Yes, I allowed myself to be so happy, I dreamed about you for days on end! But now, I’m wide awake. I’m ready to live again. I’m whole.

blue girl

I say goodbye to pages and pages of what-could-have-beens and watch them flutter farther into the distance. My feet are itching to dance. Perhaps I’ll indulge them.

Skipping as I walk, I say to me, “Welcome back, self! Welcome!”

blue girl 2

Outfit Details:

  • Top – Thrifted
  • Skirt from a Bazaar
  • Shoes from Parisian
  • Bag from Zamboanga Barter Trade

This entry is my contribution to the #FIDMstyleProject –  a new social media program that brings together bloggers FIDM Students, and fashion fans. The theme was supposed to be winter fashion but since I live in a tropical country, such a concept is non-existent. :)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think below. :)


  1. Draped in Cloudlets · January 9, 2013

    That’s a very nice outfit!


  2. michymichymoo · January 9, 2013

    I love the bag! I love getting bags during my travels. :)


  3. kai grafia · January 9, 2013

    OMG! I really love this look Mich! There’s something about it that really captivates me – maybe it’s the bag. Maybe it’s the top with the embroideries. :)


  4. Momee Gee · January 9, 2013

    Am I too slow to get the post? hehehe Anyway, I love your outift here! :)


  5. Franc Ramon · January 9, 2013

    You looked refreshed after the Holiday break.


  6. jane · January 9, 2013

    wow!! i guess this outfit really brings out the sweetness in you mich! you look so lovely! love the pumps and of course want that skirt too! xx


  7. Rowena Wendy Lei · January 9, 2013

    Great fresh-faced look… and your lipstick stands out! What did you use?


  8. Debarpan · January 9, 2013

    Your smilelooks too good,may be the holiday breaks works on you :)


  9. Jemm · January 9, 2013

    I wish I was as poetic as you are. As always, I love the outfit. :D


  10. Ross Flores Del Rosario · January 9, 2013

    So dreamy and heavenly words that my heart went a-flutter. I think I see butterflies now and look at the world a lot more colorful thanks to you! Wow! I can also appreciate the flowers on our garden now – never really paid any attention to them before. …and now more sensible to what the people around me thinks.


  11. Sumi · January 9, 2013

    This post is so beautiful, Mich! At first I was thinking that maybe you’re just using lyrics of some song. But after reading through the whole post, I felt this is really you. In fact, I worried a bit that maybe something bad happened. But thank goodness, di ka naman single ngayon! :D Anyway, love the photos that went with your words. So uplifting and refreshing! I especially love your top and your bag~ :3


    • micheatsandshops · January 9, 2013

      nyahahahah thanks sumi! No, these are all fictional ;) thanks for the concern though ehehehe


  12. Pretty Ugly Me · January 9, 2013

    Your fringe has grown na!

    You always look so happy talaga. It’s good to see.

    And oh, your bag and skirt are so cute.

    P.S. I swear a left a comment a couple days ago. :p


    • micheatsandshops · January 9, 2013

      Yes it has and my curly roots are showing! hehehehe :))

      Awww sometimes your comments go to spam! Baka I blindly deleted it :-s


  13. shiela091695 · January 9, 2013

    lovely outfit ms. mich! the shoes! ^o^ *spazzzz* hihihi
    btw, how do you do that music bar at the top? O.o thanks! i also want to put music in my blog po kasi :P


    • micheatsandshops · January 9, 2013

      I just upload the mp3 file on wordpress and then I insert the playlist :D Not sure though if it’s available on all wordpress blogs coz I bought space from WordPress recently and I think the space upgrade included being able to upload music files :)


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